Blog update…

Blog template has been updated and it has destroyed a lot of posts. There are missing links, images and videos all over the place, and code formatting is gone too. I'll have time to sort it out soon. I've taken some stuff offline until then.

voronoi-to-surface28 Aug 2013

Voronoi on surface

Something neat I've discovered in Grasshopper - you can map any set of curves onto a surface using a reference surface. There is a neat little component in GH for it called Map to Surface. In a nutshell, you can have a basic set of curves in a flat rectangle, and then map those curves onto a complex organic surface using rectangles UV. This gives a way to create some complex but controlled geometry. Anyway,

nodejs-1024x768[1]10 Jul 2013

Technology is obsolete when it becomes a hindrance.

  I've always been tech-agnostic. Throughout the years I've favored Microsoft because their development tools were superb in terms of modern features and ease of use (still are). I don't have the background necessary to quickly get emacs to work, although I do appreciate its power and simplicity. For me when its time to program - its time to write code and think about architecture of the software. Its not time to tweak the editor,

fabricJSTextWrap20 May 2013

Wrapping text for fabric.js

Fabric.js is an otherwise awesome library, but doesn't have text wrapping functionality that of standard DOM. This little function takes a fabric.IText and returns a formatted copy with width and height enforced through line breaks and text trim. Long words get hyphenated, but without syllable regard.

parametric-patterns30 Jul 2012

Hexagonal cell pattern.

Hexagonal cells are created over UV coordinates of any given bezier surface generated by software like Alias or Rhino. The gradual height of each hexagonal cell is controlled by proximity to either point in 3D space or a curve broken down into a set of points, or an amorphous cloud of points.

meshHD5 Jul 2012

Diamond surface

Working on a parametric truss composed off a UV coordinates on a bezier surface. Because this is a parametric structure, it can be created in any size, geometric resolution and and over any surface. The next step in the process is to animate the